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Tempering Chocolate


Tempering Chocolate
A brief procedure about Melting Chocolate correctly
Cuisine: Chocolate
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  • Dark/White Compound (Chocolate)
  1. It is done using the set up of Double Boiler. Double boiler is a system in which steam is used to melt the product. So we use any small steel utensil and fill it with water. Then put another bigger steel utensil on top of it.
  2. Place the chocolate pieces (Grated or cut into small pieces) on top container.
  3. Place the set up on gas and once water starts boiling, steam is generated which helps in melting the chocolate.
  4. Stir it using spoon.
  5. Test to see if chocolate is completely melted is, it should not have any bubble/granulated appearance. Once chocolate is completely melted it shines brightly like Nutella chocolate sauce.
Two brands of chocolate generally used are Morde, and Salbonn which come in slabs of 1 kg.


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