Ice-Cream Cocktail Recipes

Ice-Cream Cocktail

Ice-Cream Cocktail


  • 300g Ice-Cream Vanilla
  • 200ml Tropicana juice Pineapple Flavour
  • 4 pieces Bread Slice
  • 1 can Fruit Cocktail (Delmonte or any)


Things to take care:

  1. Don’t  let  the bread get wet too much else it won’t roll into a ball
  2. The bread should be dipped for atleast half n hour else it won’t gel well with the ice-cream base and will taste like bread only.
  3.  Serve chilled!!


Step 1
Cut brown border of bread slice
Step 2
Wet bread slice with sugar syrup from canned fruits n squeeze the bread
Step 3
Keep slice on palm and add fruit in the center and wrap the slice into a ball. (Like we make bread roll)
Step 4
Make 4 such balls with 4 bread slice. Sprinkle some Tropicana juice on top of these balls.
Step 5 Keep them aside in the fridge
Step 6
Now melt the ice-cream into liquid form using spoon and stirring it for some time. You keep it on room temperature if you have time to serve the dish else stir it/ microwave it for 10 seconds. Now mix Tropicana juice
Step 7 Keep the melted ice-cream also in the fridge(not in the freezer)
Step 8 Half n hour before serving place bread roll in the cup and pour melted ice-cream into cups.
Step 9 Garnish with crushed almonds or crush!!